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Literature about the Kelb tal-Fenek

Not many books were written about the Kelb tal-Fenek, and the existing ones are all in English. With the exception of Cecil S. Camilleri's book "A Study of the Maltese Kelb tal-Fenek", all these books have been written by foreigners, and consequently, much space is ascribed (erroneously, I might add) to the hypothesis of the Egyptian origin of the breed. 

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  • Bullard, Randall A. + Martin, Joyce B.: “The Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Hound”, Touchstone Press, Beaverton OR, USA, 1984 

  • Camilleri, Cecil S.: "A Study of the Maltese Kelb tal-Fenek", Progress Press, Valletta, Malta, 1995 

  • Sefscik, Sue M.: "Pharaoh Hounds", TFH Publications, Neptune City NJ, USA, 1990

Besides the books which exclusively deal with the Kelb tal-Fenek, you will find some information about the breed in most canine publications. However, you have to be careful, since sometimes the information provided by general dog books is superficial and contains  speculations and wishful thinking which are uncritically adopted from other sources. In many books, the Kelb tal-Fenek is placed together with the breeds of FCI group 10 (sighthounds), and therefore the majority of books about sighthounds contain chapters about the Kelb tal-Fenek as well as other Mediterranean breeds.

Most Kelb tal-Fenek or sighthound breed clubs in the different countries in Europe and overseas also have their own newsletters. You will find the websites of these organisations at our linkpage.

A further bibliography can be found at the end of the article "The 'Dog of the Rabbit' and its Importance for the Rural Culture of Malta".

Jan Scotland