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Klieb tal-Fenek abroad

Lure Coursing, the hunt for an artificial prey, is one of the favourite
sports for Kelb tal-Fenek owners and their  dogs outside Malta. It
satisfies the dog's hunting instinct as well as it's need for exercise
(Tal-Wardija Arzella Hamra). 

Klieb tal-Fenek at a dog show. In Malta, the Kelb tal-Fenek has
never been bred for show purposes - rather, for the dog's hunting
abilities. However, many Kelb tal-Fenek owners abroad take great
pride in show competitions trying to obtain certificates showing the
excellent qualities of their dogs. It is important, however, to avoid
making the requirements for show the overriding factor when breeding
the Kelb tal-Fenek.

Obedience training can be another way to satisfy the Kelb
tal-Fenek's desire for exercise and its ability to learn. It can
also make daily life a bit easier (Mrs. Dorothee Schultz-Janson
with Dojana's Amber Houdini). 

The Kelb tal-Fenek loves to accompany his master during all his
activities. Klieb tal-Fenek Nadur, Sabih and Hunter with their owners
Rinus Biemans and Henk v.d. Vorst during a boat tour in the
Biesbosch, Holland. 

The Kelb tal-Fenek is also adaptable to strange climatic
circumstances. Tal-Wardija Arja Helwa hunting mice in the
snow in Northern Germany, December 2001.


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