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Kelb tal-Fenek - Coin and Stamp from Malta

In 1977, the Central Bank of Malta has minted this coin, honouring the important roll of the Kelb tal-Fenek in Malta's history and culture. The nominal worth of the coin is one Maltese Lira, but in fact, it was part of a special silver proof coin set, issued as a limited edition of only 2,500 sets of the Republic of Malta coinage. As far as we know, this set is sold out and only single ones might still be obtainable in local shops. The dog which has served as a model for this coin was 'Ra of Attard', owned by Leigh Tose/Malta.

On 20 October 2001, the Maltese Post has issued this stamp, showing the Kelb tal-Fenek, Malta's National Hound. The stamp has been designed by Ludwig Flask (Malta) after two photographs by Jan Scotland (Germany), and printed by the federal Bundesdruckerei in Berlin (Germany). The dog depicted on this stamp is the male Kelb tal-Fenek 'Ram Ahmar Tal-Wardija', owned by Peter Gatt (Malta). Further stamps of the set 'Dogs in Malta' show the Maltese Kelb tal-Kacca, the Maltese Kelb tal-But and the Maltese Terrier, the latter in fact not being a Maltese breed, but we suppose that Malta Post intended to satisfy the collectors of dog stamps with including that breed to the set. The complete stamp set can be obtained through MALTAPOST plc, Philatelic Bureau, 305, Qormi Road, Marsa GPO 01, Malta, E-Mail:

On 1 January 2008, Malta became a member of the Eurozone. Although the Kelb tal-Fenek was not chosen as an image for the 'national side' of the Maltese Euro Coins (which in fact was proposed by a few participants of the national poll on the design of the Maltese Euro) perhaps Malta will again issue a commemorative coin with the Kelb tal-Fenek in the future? Until then, enjoy this proposal we have compiled for you!


Jan Scotland